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In the fall of 2018 De Jonge Akademie launched an interactive platform titled 'The Living Room of Science' for generating, gathering and sharing knowledge on responsible research practices across all research disciplines.

Science has always been a dynamic process with continuously developing, often implicit rules and attitudes. While focus on innovation and knowledge production are essential to academic progress, it is equally important is to convey the use of the most appropriate research practices within the academic community. Rules and traditions regarding responsible research practices differ greatly between fields and disciplines, however. Given that the majority of these practices are subjective and undocumented, it is difficult for early career scientists (early career scientists ranging from PhD students to young faculty members) to identify them or put them to practice.

We propose to organize an interactive platform titled The Living Room of Science for generating, gathering and sharing knowledge on responsible research practices across all research disciplines. This platform will help young scholars to choose a more independent path regardless of discipline-specific rules and habits: statements as "This is simply how we always do it" will no longer be looming. By identifying best practices across different fields, these early career scientists should develop their own view on how science should be done appropriately. We will raise awareness of appropriate research practices through encouraging interactions amongst scholars and henceforth stimulate the formation of informed opinions on conducting ethical studies. This will result in a helicopter view of the contemporary academic research/responsibility issues.

The living room consists of two projects

  1. a traveling living room and
  2. an online platform.

The first Living Room event took place during the ECDP at Utrecht University.

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Impression ‘Living Room of Science’

Impression 'Living Room of Science’ on Vimeo.

Presentation ‘Living room of science'

Presentation 'Living room of science’ on Vimeo.


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