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The Young Academy welcomes new Board members

January 23, 2024

Eddie Brummelman will become chair of The Young Academy as of April 2024. Léonie de Jonge will be the new vice-chair. Sanli Faez and Else Starkenburg will be new Board members.

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They were elected by the membership of the The Young Academy and appointed by the Royal Academy’s Board for a two-year term of office.

Eddie Brummelman (born 1987) is an associate professor of Child Development and Education at the University of Amsterdam. He researches the developing self of children, in particular narcissism and self-esteem, relating his findings to contemporary social issues such as inequality. 

At The Young Academy, he champions an approach to science in which every student, teacher, and researcher has an equal opportunity to succeed. He also aims to connect up science and society to a greater extent. Brummelman coordinates the Lil’ Scientist and  'Not Just Anybody!’ projects, and he is also a member of the Diversity & Inclusion working group.

Member page for Eddie Brummelman 

Léonie de Jonge (born 1990) is an assistant professor in European Politics and Society at the Faculty of Arts, University of Groningen. She is also a researcher at the Dutch Political Parties Documentation Centre (DNPP).

As a political scientist, she studies the rise and normalisation of the radical and extreme right. She is interested in why right-wing populist parties are more successful in some countries and regions than in others. As a member of The Young Academy, De Jonge works within the Science Policy Theme, for example on data autonomy and internationalisation.

Member page for Léonie de Jonge 

The physicist Sanli Faez (born 1981) is an associate professor at Utrecht University, where he investigates the nanoscale movement of ions and electrons at the Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Research. He has developed a method of optical microscopy that can accurately measure the rapid movement of tiny nanoparticles.

By tracking the nanoscale movement of tiny particles such as viruses or proteins, his aim is to measure reactions at the extreme limit of just single molecules. His academic ambition is to invent a method or device that will be used by more than a million people. Faez is one of the founders of the Climate Helpdesk, a website where scientists answer questions from the public about the effects of climate change. He is also involved in the Dutch Climate Research Initiative (KIN). 

At The Young Academy, he contributes to developing science policy that links up with the needs of the circular society. Faez is also involved in the Research Funding Consultation project, the TjongeJonge podcast, Green Young Academy, and Everyone Professor!.

Member page for Sanli Faez

Else Starkenburg (born 1984) is an associate professor of Astronomy at the University of Groningen. As a ‘Milky Way archaeologist’, she studies the early life of our galaxy by examining the oldest generations of stars. She founded the Pristine Survey, an international team that explores the oldest stars and structures in the Milky Way.

Starkenburg is also a leader when it comes to using new instruments that streamline our capacity to learn much more about millions of stars in the Milky Way. As a member of The Young Academy, she champions postdoctoral researchers on temporary contracts, a group that is often neglected in science policy. Starkenburg is involved in The Academy Thermometer

Member page for Else Starkenburg

In April 2024, Marie-José van Tol (chair), Thijs Bol (vice-chair), and Hilde Verbeek will step down after completing their two-year term of office. Noel de Miranda will remain a member of the Board until 2025.



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