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The Young Academy probes mental health among academics with The Academy Thermometer

December 12, 2023

The Young Academy invites all academics in the Netherlands to take ‘The Academy Thermometer’ survey. A series of questions about workload, motivation and social safety explore the mental health of academics.

What motivates academics in the Netherlands and what drains them of energy? These issues are addressed in The Academy Thermometer, a survey being conducted by The Young Academy. The survey questions cover job satisfaction and working conditions, but also workload, social safety, and any mental health complaints. They also examine the impact of such factors as academic rank, and the presence or absence of care responsibilities. By distributing The Academy Thermometer, The Young Academy hopes to gain insight into what is going well and what could be improved in academia. In other words, what is needed to make Dutch academia a(n) (even) better place to work?

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Method and results

The Academy Thermometer is a quantitative survey that collects data by means of a questionnaire. It can be completed by anyone who teaches in academia and/or conducts scientific research. The survey will be open from early December to the end of February and the report on the research results is expected in the second half of 2024. The results will be anonymised and cannot be traced back to a specific university, for example.

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