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Mingler Scholarship 2023 open for applications

October 27, 2022

Once a year, a Mingler Scholarship is made available for a collaboration between a academic and an artist. The Scholarship consists of an amount of €10,000, provided by the Niemeijer Foundation. Only one scholarship will be awarded.

The Scholarship is intended for artists (from all artistic disciplines) and scientists (researchers from the Humanities, Social and Natural Sciences) who want to start a research project together. Only collaborations between art and science are eligible for the Scholarship.

For the Mingler Scholarship 2023 we encourage artists and researchers who work in the field of the Humanities and Social Sciences to apply for the Scholarship. 

Deadline for applications for the Mingler Scholarship 2023 is 16 January 2023, 23:59.

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Lead photo credits - Barbara Visser - The Complete Incomplete Series 1987 – 2007 Design Veronica Ditting workphoto’s A Day in Holland/ Holland in A Day (2001)



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