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Third and last round of the Hestia – Refugees in Science Scheme

May 08, 2020

The third and last round of the pilot programme Hestia – Refugees in Science is open. In this programme, researchers in ongoing projects can use NWO funding to hire academics who have fled their homeland and wish to continue their academic career in the Netherlands.

After completion of the pilot programme, NWO will decide whether to continue it on a permanent basis and, if so, in what form. A digital information session will take place on 3 June.

The pilot programme, which was initially launched in 2018, was developed in consultation with the Young Academy, KNAW and the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF. To be eligible, academics must have a master's degree or a doctorate on the date of submission and must also have been granted refugee status in the Netherlands. As in the previous rounds, academics with refugee status can fill in an expression of interest form. With their consent, NWO will share this information with the institutions and researchers who are interested in the call so they can search for suitable candidates for current research projects. Conversely, interested project leaders with ongoing NWO or ZonMw projects can place them on the NWO website, so that refugees can also conduct a targeted search for suitable projects. For the expression of interest forms, see www.nwo.nl/hestia

Who can apply?

As in the previous rounds of this call, the application must be submitted by a project leader of an ongoing research project already funded by NWO or ZonMw. With the application, the project leader can request additional funding for an 18-month appointment of a junior or senior researcher with demonstrable refugee status. A total budget of 1,020,000 euros is available for this round. The maximum budget per application is 160,000 euros. If the maximum amount is applied for, an estimated total of between 7 and 10 applications will be granted. 



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