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The new system of recognition and rewards according to The Young Academy

November 30, 2020

Academics are predominantly rewarded for their research related achievements, causing that other tasks related to teaching, societal impact and academic leadership have been given too little attention.

The assessment system currently in use no longer fits in with the existing zeitgeist and the societal role of academics. 

Many academics are now wondering: how can we successfully introduce the new recognition and rewards at universities, institutes and university medical centres in the Netherlands. The Young Academy uses practical examples to illustrate why a new system of recognizing and rewarding is necessary and how it could be applied in the workplace.

Personal experiences from academics

Members from The Young Academy have been looking in their surroundings for specific examples that illustrate why a new system of recognition and rewards is so important and how we can put it into practice. They interviewed eight academics whose experiences and opinions about recognition and rewards are inspiring.


The paper Good examples merit imitation. The new recognition and rewards according to The Young Academy concludes with five specific recommendations for administrators, managers and individual academics.

You can read the paper by clicking on this link. 
Pages 14 to 20 contain the English translation.




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